To play Rugger Maths you need to register your details and pick your team by clicking on the team flag. Once you’ve put in your name, email, selected your age group and your team, click on ‘continue’ to enter the game.

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Playing Instructions

From the welcome screen you can see the four stages you have to play, these are marked with the names of four New Zealand landmarks. You have to start with the first stage and answer all 10 questions correctly to move up to the next stage. Inside every stage you will get the 10 Rugger Maths questions. Once you’ve entered your answer, click Submit to see if it was correct or incorrect. You can also quit the game and restart the stage to make sure you get all the answers right.

Start off playing the age division you fall under and if you find this too hard or too easy, you can move to a different age group by clicking on ‘Change Age Group’ below your name.


To view how you and everyone else is doing, check this section by clicking on the ‘Achievement Board’ in the top bar. You can see a big star for each of the stages that the players have completed and the goal is to have four stars!