Internet Safety

  1. Keep your passwords private, even from your friends! Your online service will never ask for them, so neither should anyone else.
  2. Use only your log-in name and/or e-mail address when chatting or sending e-mail. Never give out personal information like your name, address, or phone number.
  3. Don’t share photos of yourself, your family, or your home with people you meet online.
  4. Always delete unknown e-mail attachments without opening them. They can contain destructive viruses.
  5. If a person writes something that is mean or makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t respond. Just log off and tell your parents, who can report it to your online service provider.
  6. Remember that nothing you write on the Web is completely private — including e-mail. So be careful and think about what you type and who you tell.
  7. Not everyone is as nice, cute, and funny as they may sound online. Never make plans to meet an online “friend” in person.
  8. WHEN IN DOUBT — always ask your parents for help — and just LOG OFF if you’re not sure! You can always go back online later.