Hello Friends,

5 June, 2014


Welcome to Ruggerland,

My name is Rugger and I live on Ruggerland Island. It is a small island in New Zealand with a population of around 5000.

I live here with my friends, who love Rugby just as much as me. We play Rugby, support our Rugby teams, learn Maths, English, Maori, Science and more. We do all of our homework, play games and have lots of fun.

Join us on Ruggerland and let the adventures began!





Here is what you can do in Ruggerland right now:


Rugger Maths
Play our fun maths games and show us how good you are.
Lets Play


Fun on the Island
Meet our friends on the island and play games with them.
Kick Off the Fun


Get the Action on TV
Watch Rugger on TV and see what is happening on Ruggerland.
Watch the Episodes


Grab material to use in the classroom, download or print straightaway and you’re ready to go.
View the Topics


This is where you will find out all the latest news from Ruggerland.
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